Money makes the world go round……

Enjoy the little things

….but does it make everyone happy?

You may be surprised to know not everyone is motivated by money. Yes everyone expects and deserves a fair wage for what they do but going the extra mile isn’t always an additional amount in the pay cheque.
Here are some other ways you can ensure a happy ship in these difficult times:
1. Recognise achievements
Sometimes it’s the quick wins that work the best. Saying thank you at the company meeting, selecting employee of the month, sending a small gift for thanks or recently I heard of a lovely story about someone receiving a handwritten note of thanks (which was very well received) are all small tokens of appreciation you can show your team.
2. Flexible workplace practices
In today’s world we know we have to be flexible to make a difference. This can be in relation to flexible working times to enable people to have a good work/life balance – or just enable them to support other external commitments – i.e. elderly parents. Working from home – does everyone need to be in every day?
Where flexibility can be offered it should be considered.
Obviously there should be no detriment to the business but showing you’re caring and understanding will motivate employees to stay with you and deliver more – they will also remember this when things do get back on track – i.e. they won’t be running for the hills straight away!
3. Training
By allowing your staff to learn new things – either formally or informally you are showing that you believe in them and value them.
The skills, depending on the subject may not be fully utilised now but when an opportunity arises down the line – i.e. the business grows so you need a new team leader or you take on a new project they will be in a great position to succeed further.
4. Extra holiday
Although it does come with some cost, if you manage it correctly providing extra holiday or the opportunity to leave early can also be a great way of rewarding your team.
Additional annual leave is often awarded to staff for long service and this may be something you wish to introduce for those who have remained loyal over the years but in the current climate where staff have taken on additional responsibilities and have remained loyal and committed to you it is something to consider today.
5. Get togethers and celebrations
Whilst its not easy to plan a mass gathering at the moment (we darent mention the C (christmas!) word, with a bit of creativity ‘get togethers’ can help to motivate and engage staff.
I’ve heard about a company doing a black tie do over zoom recently and companies holding virtual wine tasting sessions. All of these are great, relaxed ways to build your teamwork up, celebrate success where applicable and ensure relationships continue.
Although not everyone is together don’t forget people’s birthdays and big events and send them personalised cards or presents – a nominal fee but a great return on investment.
In summary, there are many alternative ways to reward your staff without issuing them with a pay rise.  Some will have pros and cons but thinking outside the box is likely to have a positive impact on employee morale, retention rates and the overall productivity of your business.
If you want some help putting some plans together give me a call and I’d be happy to help come up with some creative ideas for engaging and motivating your staff, ensuring your business is successful today and in the future.