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Did you know that employment law applies even before you hire an employee? From the moment you begin recruiting, you are bound by laws on discrimination and data protection.

It’s not always easy to know where to start to attract or recruit the right candidates. And knowing the in’s and out’s of the law when recruiting staff is not always easy to grasp. That’s why you must invest time and money into ensuring you do all that you can to get it right.

We can:

  • write and check the job description
  • help you set the correct salary
  • write and post the advert to get the best exposure
  • shortlist your applicants
  • hold telephone interviews and attend full interview where required
  • produce the documentation required and ensure that your processes are GDPR compliant

When we cant attract the right people through traditional recruitment practices we can offer an agency/headhunting service through our partnership with Jago Recruitment who will support and manage the process for you.

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Headhunting, which is often to referred to as an executive search, is the process of sourcing the best possible candidate for a position. This means identifying and targeting high level employees for a role that usually has significant importance for an organisation.

Companies will often use external Head-hunters to fill specialised or technical positions, usually focusing on professionals who are currently employed and not actively looking for a new role.

These ‘passive candidates’ allow organisations to attract a wider sample of candidates and ensure they are getting the best possible people for the role.

How does it work?

Working with you we will identify the requirements – taking into account your needs for today but also considering what you will want the successful candidate to be able to achieve in the future. We will discuss the package and ‘what’s in it for them’ to enable us the best chance of selling your role.

Working with you on key people, experiences, locations etc to target we will confidentially start the recruitment process/campaign. We will make contact with ideal candidates and explain the proposition and understand their interest/commitment.

We can then complete first round interviews with key questions and ensure that you are then provided with a list of ‘hot’ candidates who are interested in finding out more and more importantly open to moving to a new role.


Our headhunting service offers an in-depth approach to identifying, approaching and nurturing the right candidate for your vacancy. Based on your requirements, we will tailor our search methods and hold in-depth interviews and short-listing techniques (we also offer candidate psychometric profiling at a small additional charge). Our fee is calculated on percentage on annual salary. Our head-hunting fee is 20% of annual salary (plus VAT) and only paid on successful placement of the candidate. For your peace-of-mind, we provide a 12-week sliding scale refund policy, should for any reason the candidate was to leave your employment.

Why use our service?

Ask most Managers what their most precious resource is, it’s their staff. Ask a Manager what’s their second most precious resource…’s their time.

By using our service, you are utilising a cost effective and efficient way to hire your next employees.

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