What We Are

If you’re after an ‘off the shelf’ package then we probably won’t be right for you but if you want a local, personal service, embedded into your business who can tailor their packages to meet your culture and needs, with clear, practical advice and action points then you should give us a call – we know we can help.


At Cooperative HR Ltd our aim is to improve the performance of businesses through effective people practices. We know when businesses have the right people, in the right jobs, performing at the right level they achieve.


With our passion, experience (personal and business) and versatility we understand the issues, offer practical solutions and then deliver results through effective people – taking one burden off of you.


We are not a big corporate, we are independent and flexible and we know one size doesn’t fit all so we work closely with business owners and managers to find a solution that fits your business.

Did You Know…

  • If you don’t check new employee’s documents before they start or on the first day you could be subject to a £20k fine?
  • If you discriminate in your recruitment process you could be taken to an employment tribunal even if the individual has never worked for you?
  • It costs on average £11k to replace a leaver when you take into account productivity loss, the time it takes for staff to become effective, advertising costs, agency fees and cost of equipment according to Croner.
  • The average unfair dismissal pay out in 17/18 was just over £15,000! The average Disability Discrimination claim that was won in 17/18 was just over £30,698!! If you work with us you could be proactive, compliant and reduce the risk for these types of claims affecting you!
  • Whether or not you have a business with 1 employee or 250 employees’ employment legislation still applies!

What Clients Say About Us

Theresa is highly knowledgeable, professional and efficient. In few months she managed to put in place policies and procedures that has helped me, my team and I believe the entire company to be guided towards a more fair and efficient work environment. She taught me a lot, thanks to her advices I managed situations that I could never be able to sort out. Still now, with my new role, I still apply her advices that helps me to prevent issues within my team and help me to take the appropriate decisions when necessary resulting in a fair and positive outcome.

I highly recommend Theresa and I hope one day to work with her again

Claudio D'Ambrosio

Duty & Security Manager

Royal Pavilion & Museums

Theresa was an invaluable support for myself and our team.  Her advice and guidance coupled with her willingness to get stuck in contributed significantly to an improved work environment for the entire business.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. 


Managing Director

Dearson Winyard