Benefits of Outsourced HR

With one size not fitting all and not everyone wanting or needing a full time HR resource, our service is flexible to meet our clients needs. The options depend on your ambitions, issues and size but there will be a solution to meet your needs. The main benefit of any of our outsourced HR services are that they enable you to do business, not HR. Our aim is to relight the fire within you for the business you loved and originally started. The other benefits you will gain are:

  • Access to expertise when your queries arise giving complete reassurance you are working legally and professionally
  • Access to a wider pool of skills and knowledge – rather than you employing an employment law expert, a reward expert and an employee relations expert you have access to them all in one!
  • More engaged and motivated employees which leads to higher productivity meaning more profit!
  • Cost and time savings from higher efficiencies and less time wasted on unnecessary activities being completed by you and/or others within the business
  • Excellent record keeping and streamlined processes enabling you to manage the business – not the business managing you!
  • Fresh perspective – our team are not involved in the company politics so can put an objective view forward, enabling wider discussion and thinking therefore enhancing opportunity
  • Us ‘having your back’ – offering you solutions not barriers to your people problems ensuring your business thrives and isn’t stunted by the legislation
  • Growth in your business from structures and teams, to products and services by hiring and retaining the best talent ensuring you are fit for the future
  • Consistency and transparency in processes, communicating to staff trust and attracting loyalty from them to your business
  • Flexibility and customisation – you are in control; we know one size doesn’t fit all and when something isn’t working, we’re not afraid to change

More Benefits of Outsourced HR…

You get all of the above and to give you even more reason to choose an outsourced HR partner don’t forget you will also have no NI, pension contributions, holiday pay or sick pay for our consultants! You will however have contingency and another member of the team available should your normal consultant not be available! WIN, WIN!

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