People Problems

It’s all good and well employing staff but we all know some staff cause issues. It’s very rarely plain sailing, so don’t think you are alone!

We’ve heard it all and seen it all so we can help you with all your people problems. From staff appraisals through to consultation for redundancy, we can help you. Other specific people problems you might need our help with are:


Sickness Absence

Someone’s been off for three months and showing no signs of returning or you’ve noticed one of your employees is always off on a Friday – what can you do?

There is legislation and guidance around this, and we can help you make decisions with long term sick employees arranging occupational health support and GP referrals and taking action against frequent, disruptive short-term absence.


Performance Management

You don’t know how to go about setting targets, your employee isn’t achieving their targets, you have a high flyer that you’re struggling to keep onboard or you just want to introduce a new one to one/appraisal system.

By investing time and energy in these areas you will improve the performance through the business, and we’ve got tools, systems and the knowledge to help you achieve the highest performance.


Disciplinary Policy

If you have an employee that’s always late, producing substandard work and/or failing to follow management instructions you may need to take formal action.

We can carry out or guide you through investigations and either running or supporting you or your team through disciplinary hearings, providing documentation to ensure you follow legal and best practice at all times.



You’ve received a complaint from an employee and you’re not sure what to do. We will know!

We can arrange investigations, run or support meetings and assist with the outcomes including decisions and documentation ensuring you follow legal and best practice at all times.


Redundancy Process

Work has dried up; you’ve introduced new systems, or the workplace is closing.

If for whatever the reason you believe you need to make redundancies we can lead or guide you through the whole process including drafting documents, writing company communications, running meetings, confirming decisions. All the way through ensuring you and the business is not put at risk.


Company Restructure

Too many direct reports, no one taking responsibility, new service being introduced, or a service being reduced – all reasons you may need to look at restructuring in your business.

We can lead you through or support the process including putting a plan together, consulting with staff, drafting new role profiles and embedding the changes into the workplace.

If you’re struggling with any of these issues or any other people problems, then get in touch. We won’t be surprised with what you tell us, and we’d love to help resolve it for you. Outsourced HR is affordable and offers you great peace of mind. Call us today on 01903 868502 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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