HR Support Case Studies

Why use our HR Consultancy Service…

Our clients say they work with us because we’re different. We tell them what they can do and not what they can’t do. We are straight talking, no nonsense and provide our clients with a clear plan and/or expert advice when it’s needed on their one off projects or as part of our long term relationship.

If you find you are wearing too many hats, googling the answers and not moving forward and/or being kept awake at night with problems at work relating to your people give us a call. We don’t charge for an initial meeting and will even buy the coffee. We are confident we can help you get back on track.

A company with just under 30 employees had a very flat structure and staff complained that there was nowhere to grow or develop into so often left. We changed the business structure to put in a supervisory level. It meant we had a career step for people to grow into without it seeming impossible to progress and it meant we ‘grew our own’ and people stayed.

An MD came to me and said one of their directors wasn’t performing and they needed him to start stepping up. We set up a coaching plan with him, understood his issues and reservations – why wasn’t he stepping up, what was stopping him, what were his training needs etc. We organised training, set him targets and held him to account. It’s often easier as an external person to be more direct as we have no preconceptions or bias. After our process he was more engaged, led on projects and was accountable for a number of areas. It made the job of the other directors that little bit easier by being able to share the load.

We worked with a business with just under 200 employees. The MD had 17 (yes 17!) direct reports and wondered why he wasn’t able to focus and grow the business! We told him he is getting involved in too many day to day problems! So, we worked with him to restructure his management team. We looked at the qualities he needed in his management team (to lead the specific business areas and to compliment his skills), recruited the right people into those roles and then amended the structure below them. The MD was more efficient and focused and managers were given responsibility and were made accountable for their teams.

A company with approximately 25 employees had no policies or processes and weren’t really sure their documents were up to scratch. We carried out an audit, introduced new documents along with manager guidelines and support and tailored documents to match the culture, ethos and values of the business. Everything was launched and the company is now confident they are compliant.

Within one business we had an employee that had been employed for over 20 years and had been promoted over time but was not performing and had gone off on long term sick. It was causing issues for the business and they assumed there was nothing they could do. We worked with the business and managed the process, taking steps in line with company policy and eventually we managed him out of the business in a fair way and cost effective way.

A company needed a new Sales Director but didn’t know where to start – up until that time the MD had been that – as well as HR, General Manager, Production Manager etc.! We understood the needs of the role, drew up a job description and then advertised in a cost effective way. Normally for such positions you are looking at 15/20% agency fees to get a good candidate. We used a different route to recruit and in the end through our campaign we recruited two great people and were able to save the company approx. £15,000 on agency fees.

The Benefits of Outsourced HR

These are just a few of the things we have successfully achieved – imagine your success story being here too. With our help the benefits to you could be:

  • More time to focus on your core business requirement
  • Employee issues handled effectively, legally, compliantly and in line with your business needs and company ethos
  • Improved working environment, which should positively impact on the performance of the business
  • A trusted partner you know you can rely on when the going gets tough at a fraction of the price of hiring the resource internally

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