HR Discovery (HR Audit)

(Only £1,190)

What do your team do when you are not looking?
What is the most significant achievement of your management team over the past year?
Have all your employees got contracts?
What do your employees think about the management team… and you?

These are some of the questions we will ask you and your teams during our Discovery Audit.

Sometimes we don’t know why our business isn’t performing as well as it should. Why certain departments have a high turnover. Or even why individuals keep making the same mistakes over and over again. But by working with you and your teams throughout the business, we get to understand the problems/issues and then we deliver our recommendations to you to ensure your teams start working together more efficiently, creating better results and for you to see an improvement in the profits.

We will spend a full day onsite talking, watching, listening and seeing what is really happening. We’ll talk to you, your management team and employees* throughout the business, asking the questions you’re afraid to ask to really understand what the team think of you and the business. What does the culture look like and mean to them? What are the motivators and challenges within the business as they see them – do they align with you?

From here we will put together a report and recommendations which will improve your business and impact positively on your results – moving your business forward in the way you want it to.

*this may be all or a selection depending on the size of your business.

People Strategy

This will then become the People Strategy that you take on, develop and deliver in your business or alternatively a Work and Action Plan for us to work with you on and deliver, introduce and embed over time – all within your flexible timeframes and budgets.

If you really want to understand what is happening with your people in your business and how this is affecting your growth and profits this is a must do process.

Did you know…

  • If you don’t check new employee’s documents you could be subject to a £20k fine?
  • If you discriminate in your recruitment process you could be taken to an employment tribunal even if the individual has never worked for you?
  • It costs on average £15k to replace a leaver when you take into account productivity loss, the time it takes for staff to become effective, advertising costs, agency fees and cost of equipment according to Croner.

Can you afford not to be better with your people practices? Give us a call to book your Discovery Audit today.

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