Staff Training

Economic constraints and a period of significant change have presented some businesses with additional challenges. They find that they must deliver their services with fewer staff and with limited budgets. On the other hand, other businesses have the opportunity to increase their offering but with no skill to lead it.

Whatever your business challenges, it is important that your employees perform well. They must have the right tools, skills and attitude to do their jobs. Now is the time for business owners to invest and for managers to step up. All staff need to deliver for a business to succeed. To ensure you have the best outcome you must ensure you offer the right training for your staff.

Management Training

It must be made clear what is expected of your staff in terms of individual and team performance. The best way to do this is to ensure that your managers are well trained and lead by example.

We can help your business achieve this by ensuring that your managers acquire the necessary skills and training. Only with the right management training will they be able to manage, inspire and lead their teams effectively.

Face-to-Face Training

If you prefer your staff to be trained on-site in your offices, then we can help. We offer a comprehensive range of staff training, including an Introduction to Line Management, Managing Absence and Recruitment & Selection. We can adapt the staff and management training sessions to match your company policies and procedures. And , all the while, we will deliver and guide you on best practice and the applicable laws.

We can arrange our staff training sessions in all manner of shapes and sizes. We can provide bite-size training programmes, ongoing over a period of months or we can arrange one-off training sessions. The first step is to meet up and discuss the purpose and desired outcome of your training. We’ll then match your needs with the options available to enable you to achieve success. Call us today on 01903 868502 to discuss your staff training programme.

Online Staff Training Courses

Our one-on-one tutor led e-learning courses are packed with all the information your employees need to keep your business safe and compliant. See our video for more information:

We offer health & Safety training which includes fire awareness, manual handling and DSE Awareness. Our personal development training includes effective delegation, managing meetings and time management. We also offer management development training which includes developing teamwork, managing sickness and absence and objective setting.

No matter who you want to train, there will be something to help guide you and your team to success.

If you would like a bespoke induction or a management development programme for your teams, then we can help. Give us a call and we can put something together to improve your team’s performance and aid your business growth. For full details of our range of courses, please use the link below and arrange your free trial. Alternatively, call us today and we can discuss what approach will best meet your needs.

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