5 ways we can help you win at recruitment

5 ways we can help you win at recruitment

Recruitment for any business is always a challenge, but it becomes even more difficult for smaller companies when trying to compete with enterprises for the best talent.

We can provide comprehensive recruitment support to all our clients, in addition to our standard HR services and here are just some of the recruitment challenges we can help you overcome:

1 – Creating a positive candidate experience

A poor candidate experience can not only mean you lose out on quality candidates but also impacts your overall employer brand. The candidate experience is considered in every step of the way in all of our recruitment services – from simple and mobile-friendly application forms and automated emails to keep candidates updated, to integrations with job boards such as Indeed and Reed meaning candidates can apply without ever needing to leave the job board.

2 – Developing a streamlined recruitment process

Designing and implementing your recruitment process can be a time-consuming  and (let’s face it) tedious process. Applicant tracking software keeps everything in one place, saving you time and admin work every step of the way.

3 – Attracting the right candidates

Sometimes it can feel like you’re sifting through endless CVs and applications from candidates who are just not suitable. With our vacancy advice service, we’ll make sure your adverts are clear about what sort of candidates you’re looking for, as well as suggest the best job boards to reach the right audience. Sometimes roles aren’t suitable for the flat fee model, but you can rest assured that you’ll get an honest assessment of each of your vacancies.

4 – Building a successful employer brand

Around 78% of candidates will look into a company’s reputation as an employer before applying for a job*. For this reason, having a strong employer brand is key in attracting candidates. Our free employer brand audits are a brilliant insight into what you’re already doing well and offer best practice examples on what you can do to improve your employer brand strategy. So, together we can work to build a stronger employer brand for your business.

5 – Keeping your team up to date with the latest recruitment trends

Making sure your recruitment processes are relevant to the current recruitment trends is essential when competing with larger companies for talent. So whether you’re looking to develop your recruiting with LinkedIn skills, need advice on practical things you can do to develop your employer brand or decided it’s finally time to start taking your Glassdoor page seriously we can help.

We look forward to working with you!