5 ways to motivate your team that doesn’t involve cash

A pair of glasses and a computer keyboard with the words 'You Deserve It'.

Are you guilty of offering your employees a rubbish performance related bonus scheme? I’ve seen so many I cringe at the thought! 🤔

You know what I mean. Something like 2% of their salary if they hit some very hard-to-reach goals in a ridiculous timeframe. Which you and I both know they wont achieve…

If that’s you, I’ve got some news: it’s not working. ❌

If anything, you’re actively DEMOTIVATING your people by doing this because it feels out of reach and honestly, not really worth having.

When you haven’t got the big bucks available to offer a more realistic financial reward – and let’s face it, not many of us have right now – you need to look elsewhere.

I’m going to let you in on a secret now: there are far more effective ways of rewarding your staff than offering cash. These methods work on people’s intrinsic motivations. 💡

My latest guide, “5 ways to reward your team that don’t involve cash,” gives you the details.

Download your copy here.

If you need any help to motivate your team give me a call today – I’d love to help you all get back on track.