What happens if we train our staff and they leave?

What happens if we train people & they leave?

What happens if we don’t and they stay??!

This quote really made us chuckle here at CooperativeHR.  Imagine if you employed someone over 5 years ago and since that time they have not undertaken any training.

How can you be certain that their skills and knowledge is completely up to date?  How do you know that they are following best practice?  Or are you happy with “we’ve always done it this way….”

We know, effectively training your employees can improve your chances of success and business growth.

Developing your people and improving their skills has many advantages. It can:

  • increase productivity and quality of work
  • increase profits
  • improve employee motivation
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • give you a competitive advantage
  • reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
  • help you adapt to change and prepare for growth

We understand in the current climate you may not have an endless pot of cash for training and time is scarce but it’s also important to realise with many business changes taking place over the past few months and no doubt the future months more and more people will be called upon to take on a little extra so ensuring they have the skills and confidence to undertake these extras is really important.

A great way to upskill your teams, in a flexible way at a great price is by utilising online training.  The courses are broken down into modules and can be completed anywhere there is access to a computer and internet.

We have some great packages at the moment and if you buy one of the bundles you can save between £25 and £40 on their normal individual prices.

We have a selection on offer including H&S induction training (or ideal as a refresher if someone has returned to the office after a period of extended leave), some personal development bundles and management focused bundles.

Find the full details of the individual courses and bundles here.

The bundles are flexible so if there isn’t one that quite meets your needs, you want to purchase multi bundles and/or you fancy a bit of pick ‘n’ mix (my fav!) then drop me a message or give me a call and we can put something together for you.