Lets Celebrate HR!!

Abstract image of a suited man choosing 'Excellent' from a list of ratings.

20th of May is International Human Resources Day 2022. Hooray!

No, I haven’t made this up!! It is a real thing!

Now, we love any excuse to celebrate our colleagues and the hard work that they do, so it’s safe to say that we’ll be recognising the day… maybe with cake (probably with prosecco and maybe even with tequila!)

But it’s also a really great time for us to point out the importance of good – no – excellent HR support for your business, too.

Contrary to popular belief, HR isn’t all about disciplinaries and tribunals, bullying and sick leave. There’s a really light, nice side to HR that not enough people consider.

And that’s the side that really helps to develop your people, mould them into star employees, and gives them the tools and skills they need to become more engaged and more motivated. It’s things like training, goal setting, and looking at the best way to reward and recognise a job well done.

This kind of care and attention to your employees can make them happier. It can make them more productive. And, of course, it will give you a whole new level of loyalty that will help you retain your best people for years to come. Keeping your team happy and valued really has benefits for everyone.

Of course, there is that ‘dark side of HR’ too. The things that come wrapped in red tape and procedure and policy. And, while we would all avoid this side of things if we could, sadly there comes a time when things get a little tricky and you need expert advice and support to keep you on the right side of the law when it comes to tackling issues.

Although stressful, bad situations with employees can be made a lot easier to deal with if you have the right expert team leading the way.

Is there an HR professional that you’d like to celebrate or thank today? (Hint hint…!!)

Or perhaps you’d like to use today as an opportunity to get more acquainted with some HR professionals to see how they can help your business?

If so, we’d love to talk! Just give us a call.