Maternal Mental Health Week

Close up of a young mothers hand with her babies hand.

Do you have any new or soon-to-be mothers in your business?

If you do, you might be interested to know that the 2nd to the 8th May is Maternal Mental Health Week.

It’s a week dedicated to talking about and supporting mental health problems that occur during and after pregnancy.

This year, the theme of the week is ‘The Power of Connection’. And in these post-pandemic times, it feels apt. It’s possible that anyone who was pregnant or who had a baby during the pandemic has at times felt disconnected from others, less supported than they’d like to have been, and even lonely at times.

All of this can have a serious impact on mental health and wellbeing, so it’s important that, as an employer, you encourage conversation around the subject. Your goal should be to make it easy for any mothers who may be struggling with their mental health to feel safe coming forward and asking for help.

Whether they’re on maternity leave or back in the office, make it a priority to regularly check-in with new mothers or pregnant employees to check how they’re coping.

If they are struggling, you may be able to make minor adjustments to help them feel more comfortable or to relieve any stress or worry that they’re feeling about things.

Manager Training

Make sure your managers are all trained in mental health awareness, so they know the signs of declining mental health to look out for, and so they are also able to delicately and confidently approach any potential issues that they spot.

Remember, having a baby is a big change in anyone’s life, and it has the potential to cause a lot of anxiety. Look at the best ways that your business can help to relieve any additional stress, and potentially even offer solutions for common worries after a baby is born. This may be something as simple as helping an employee to understand what benefits and support they are entitled to after having a baby, to adding perks that can help with the increased cost of living.

Need some advice on how you can support new parents in your business? We’d love to help! Just give us a call.