Can your business afford bad (or no) HR?

A close up of a wooden sign on a brick wall that reads 'Go Back! Wrong way.'

You can picture the scene, business is good. The sales are increasing and the profits are good so you need a new team member. Then you need another and another and suddenly with your team of ten things are going swimmingly…..or so you thought.

A while back Louise put in a grievance and you had no idea how to deal with it so you ignored it. Joanna told you she was pregnant a few months back and you couldn’t have a pregnant employee – you thought she would get lazy as the pregnancy progressed so you got rid of her. John was sick on and off for three months so you gave him an ultimatum….easy eh……

Well it was until you got those three tribunal claims in….

Right now you know just how much can go wrong in a business when you bring employees into the equation.

If you’re not helping them deal with their problems (maybe you should have listened to Louise, or asked for help with Joanna and John), they’re becoming your problem!

Perhaps that is a little unfair. For the most part, we all know our employees are invaluable. We certainly couldn’t run our businesses without them. It’s just, when things do go wrong, boy, do they go wrong!

It’s tempting to cut costs on things like HR, because why pay to fix something if it’s not causing a problem, right?

And that’s exactly what we sadly see a lot of. People who have cut back on their HR spend, only to face significant problems afterwards. This leaves them without reliable support, and even facing huge costs that could end their business.

Did you know that the average award for a sexual discrimination claim is £27,936? Or that since Covid began, tribunals shot up by 13.42%?

Can your business really cope without excellent HR support on side? Without spending huge amounts of money you can put in place some quick wins to keep you and your business safe. However, knowing what type of HR support your business needs is tough.

Which is why I have put together a buyers guide. In the guide, we’ve given you all of the information you need to make the best possible decision for your business.

Inside you’ll discover: 

  • 4 ways to get HR support for your business 
  • What makes a great HR consultant?
  • How can a good HR consultant help your business?
  • What does a good HR consultant cost?

Download your free copy here.

Then, after you’ve read it, perhaps we could arrange a HR Health Check on your business? The idea of this is help you to see if your business is missing vital documents, policies, or anything else that you might later be dependent on.

There’s no pressure to follow up on our recommendations, and certainly no obligation to buy anything from us, ever. It’s simply a good way for you to see what you might be missing, and for us to introduce ourselves.