What does your employer brand say about you?

What does your employer brand say about you? - A presenter talking in front of a pink background.

Do you know what your employer brand is?

You really should. If you don’t, it’s something you need to work on right away. It can affect not only how your customers see your business, but also how potential new employees view you too.

A good employer brand could have candidates queuing up for a role with you. But a bad one could leave you struggling to find good staff… and to hold on to your current people.

Our latest video gives you three great tips to improve your employer brand and attract the best people to your business. Watch it now! If you have something going on at work, or with a member of your team that has been worrying you, please feel welcome to get in touch with me directly and we can have a free confidential chat.

Video Transcript

If you just want to read the transcript, see below:

Since COVID, recruiting and retaining a talented workforce has become really difficult.

And while salary is undoubtably important, people now want so much more from their work and workplace.

For that reason, here are 3 tips to help you improve your employer brand and attract better candidates.

One – Understand what people really think about you and your business. You could run a survey to find out what people really think, which will highlight areas that potentially could be improved in the eyes of future candidates.

Two – Clarify what your business stands for. How does your business make a difference and what are you working towards? Create a vision for your business that candidates can come on board with and feel motivated by.

Three – Nurture your culture. Nobody wants to work for a business that’s dull. Think about how your company makes your employees feel and think about what you can do to improve this.

If you need help with any of this, get in touch with us today.