It’s tooooooo hot!!

Three large multi-flavoured ice creams being held together by three different people.

So we’ve all been told the lovely weather is here to stay (hooray I say!), but we all know this often means bad news for businesses – hot, grumpy employees complaining its too hot to work – we know our rights you know!! 

Well often they don’t!  As I am sure you are aware, there is no maximum temperature for working environments – you need to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.  My comfortable may not be your comfortable but as long as you are being reasonable and doing what you can we are sure you will be ok.  Here are our top tips for keeping your staff happy and still motivated during the heatwave:

  1. Provide fans for all staff – not everyone has a top of the range building with flash air con – we know that but the next best thing is a fan for all staff – that breeze given by the fan can help cool the temperatures and temperaments of your staff!
  2. Relax the dress code – we all like to look smart at work but this doesn’t have to be a suit and tie at all times.  Where you can (without compromising any health & safety requirements) allow staff to be more comfortable and therefore more willing to work!
  3. Encourage employees to take breaks throughout the day and go outside – we all know the benefits of a little Vitamin D on our skin and wellbeing so make sure your staff take their breaks.  Hopefully after a break they’ll come back more enthused and raring to go for the afternoon!
  4. Look after your outside members of staff – if you have staff that work outside ensure that you provide them with sun cream, sunhats and sufficient water to hydrate during the day.  The last thing you want is people off sick with heatstroke or sunburn as you haven’t provided appropriate supplies for them.
  5. Be flexible – if possible allow members of staff to start a bit earlier so that they don’t have to work and/or travel in the heat and allow them to leave for home a little earlier to enjoy some of the later sun.  Commitment and flexibility like this goes a long way with loyal employees!
  6. Treat them – we all know it’s hot but we have to work so show them you care by providing free ice creams and ice cold drinks throughout the day – yummy!

By taking these few easy steps hopefully productivity will remain high and you’ll continue to meet your targets in this warm weather! 

If however, you are finding you still have disruptive staff that you would like some help with and/or you need help in reviewing some of the applicable policies please do get in touch.

I’m off for an ice cream – have a great day!