Out with the old, in with the new?

Three smartly dressed office workers posing for a portrait in a large open-plan office.

When someone hands in their notice is your natural stance to advertise externally and get new blood into the business?


Far too often I see companies overlooking their current employees when they’re hiring for a role.

Please tell me it’s something you consider before hiring for a new role?!

There are so many advantages to hiring from within!

For your employee:

👉 It shows everyone that you value their hard work and dedication 🏋️

👉 It demonstrates that you’re committed to their growth and development 👩‍💻

👉 It can lead to increased morale and job satisfaction 😁 and a higher level of loyalty to your company

For you:

👉 It can save you time ⏱️ and money 💷 on recruitment and training

👉 You get someone who already knows your company’s culture and values

👉 It can improve your company’s overall performance 📊


You need to be aware of the legal 🧑‍⚖️ issues surrounding promotions to avoid any potential legal challenges, though. Here are some key points to keep in mind 💭:

 Discrimination: Make sure you’re promoting employees based on their skills, qualifications, and experience, and not on any protected characteristics such as age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.

 Contractual rights: Review the promoted employee’s contract of employment to ensure that the new role and any associated terms and conditions are clearly defined.

 Training and support: Provide any necessary training and support to help the promoted employee succeed in their new role.

 Consultation: Consult with your employee and provide an opportunity for feedback if the promotion involves a change in job role or responsibilities.

 Fairness: Ensure that all employees have an equal opportunity to apply for a promotion, and that the promotion process is fair, transparent, and based on clear criteria and procedures.

Promoting from within is a win-win situation for you and your employee.

Next time you’re considering filling a management position, think about the talented people you already have on your team – you might just find that the best candidate was there all along!

Give me a call if your recruitment processes need an overhaul.

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