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Staff Retention - How to keep hold of your employees

It’s been a long few months and I’m sure it could still get tougher before it gets better and therefore now more than ever it is important that you keep hold of your best people.

But how do you do that?

? You can’t give pay rises because sales are down.

? They have to take on a little bit more to help the business because you’ve made some roles redundant.

? You need to focus on sales and marketing, so you haven’t got time to do the one to ones you’ve carefully scheduled at the beginning of the year……

So, what can you do?

I recommend the following:

Communicate, communicate and communicate

Your team will feel valued and will trust you if you keep them in the loop.  The good, the bad and the ugly tell them what you can, and you may even find they have other ideas and suggestions that can support you and the business.

By being open and honest and keeping employees up to date you will build commitment and better relationships.

Praise and recognise where you can

There are plenty of simple but effective ways that you can recognise hard work.  A thank you email.  A mention in the company newsletter.  Some cakes in the office.  Lead by example and hopefully others will follow your lead to grow a positive culture.

Help employees meet their career goals

So, you might not be able to offer the promotion yet, but you may be able to give them experiences so that when the opportunities do arise, they’re in the best place to succeed.  A little project.  Some job shadowing.  Some training – inhouse or online – both cost effective ways of upskilling employees.

Sit down and find out what your employees want to get out of their jobs and the company in general. With open communication you can reiterate that you believe in them and value them and when the opportunities arise you will work together to help them fulfil their goals which will no doubt benefit the business.

Deal with problem employees promptly

Some employees can’t be motivated and will never achieve their goals.  Do not let these people suck the motivation and commitment from your best employees.  If people aren’t performing deal with them quickly to show poor performance isn’t tolerated and you will not let it affect others in the business.

Offer flexibility

So, pay rises may be off the table and the masters someone wanted may be out of reach, but flexibility can be very powerful.

Finishing early on a Friday, working from home (or in the office if safe to do so depending on the situation!), flexible start and finish times and maybe an extra day or two of annual leave – all of these gestures will build loyalty and keep your team engaged for the future.

Everyone knows times are tough at the moment and we’re all doing what we can but if you keep your team together now you will continue to be strong in the future which will go a long way to ensuring you succeed.

When things pick up make that commitment and approach them with any movements (salaries, roles etc) before they approach you.  Remember the commitment they’ve shown to you and value that in the future.

If you need help implementing any of these things do give us a call.  We’d love to enable you to do business, not HR.