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9th-15th May is Mental Health Awareness Week – get involved!

As any excellent employer knows, good mental health and wellbeing is paramount in the workplace.

And taking care of your peoples’ mental health and wellbeing can be the difference between having a motivated, engaged workforce and having a business with a lot of problems.

That’s because when your people struggle with mental health issues, it affects every aspect of their life. And often work is the first thing to decline.

It’s not always easy to see when an employee needs help though. You can’t rely on them to approach you when they have a problem, even if you take a pro-active stance to good mental health and wellbeing.

For that reason, it’s a really good idea to open up lines of conversation about mental health at work. And there’s no better excuse than during Mental Health Awareness Week.

This year, the week is taking a focus on loneliness. And after the last couple of years, it’s a subject relevant to so many of us. Periods of isolation, working from home, and significantly reduced socialisation have had an impact on most people in one way or another, and it’s reduced our ability to connect with others.

During this week, think about how you can encourage conversation around all types of mental health issues, including loneliness, and find out how your people might like to be supported.

You could offer advice on how to address the issues that come up in conversation, or even look at ways your teams can come together to help anyone who may be feeling excessively lonely. This might include offering up information for support, but also things like social activities or team building exercises.

If you’d like any help or guidance on how to support your employees’ mental health, get in touch.

Latest news

When did you last give out a pay rise?

With the cost of living at an all-time high, you probably aren’t surprised to know that employees are keen to work towards a pay increase. However, a recent survey found that two-thirds of employees feel that their latest pay rise was unfair.

Why? Because it simply doesn’t keep up with the rising cost of living. People also complained that their pay increases don’t reflect their performance, or keep up with the market rate.

As a result, companies are being urged to be more creative with benefits and pay strategies.

48% of staff had no wellbeing check-in last year

While Covid restrictions are a thing of the past, it’s likely that some people are still feeling the effects. So, it’s important that managers schedule regular check-ins with both remote and office-based staff.

But last year, almost half of employees received no check-in, and only a third received monthly checks from their employer.

Abstract image of a jigsaw piece to denote the adding of a new standout member of staff to a team.

Ready to start looking for your next star employee?

While we know that the process of recruitment can be a difficult and stressful one, it’s something we all need to go through if we want our businesses to continue to grow and thrive.

There are so many things that can go wrong though. Spiraling costs, poor candidates, even making a bad hiring decision… wouldn’t it be great if you had a fool-proof way to avoid the pitfalls and make hiring effective, time after time?

Guess what?!

I think we’ve cracked it. And you might be pleased to hear it’s something that you can probably do without spending money on expensive recruitment firms too.

All it takes is a bit of prior planning and you’ll have the right foundation to make good hires again and again.

I’ve written a new guide that explains the 7 steps your plan needs to include, as well as the best way to make each step as simple as possible.

If you follow the steps and make your own plan, not only should you have a very clear idea the person you’re looking for to fill each role, but you should also know where to find the right people, and how to make sure they get off to the very best start in your company.

Can I send you a copy for free? Contact me today or download from the website now.


How long can a probationary period be?

Typically, a probation period is between 3 and 6 months. If you include it in your contract, you can extend it if you feel there is a specific requirement to continue assessment.

What’s the best way to stop a member of staff being off sick all of the time?  

Schedule a back-to-work interview to find out why they were off. This also lets them know absence is monitored. If absence continues then you may want to consider a formal meeting to work on improving attendance.

Can I stop my employees from having a WhatsApp group without me?

No. But to ensure WhatsApp group chats don’t have the potential to become inappropriate, you could create a policy setting out guidelines for what is and isn’t appropriate in workplace chats.

That’s all for now!

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