Staff Behaving Badly

Staff Behaving Badly - A presenter talking in front of a pink background.

Employees are the most valuable asset in your business, however sometimes their behaviour can cause you concern.

If you have an employee displaying inappropriate behavior it can affect the whole workplace negatively. Including poor morale, lack of motivation, lower efficiency and lower profits.

But how should you handle it? There’s not really a one size fits all as it will depend on your business and the individual situation, however watch our steps with some of the basics you can do to try and improve.

If these fail, give us a call and we will work with you to put together and implement a plan of action.

Staff Behaving Badly


If you just want to read it, here’s the transcript:

A badly behaved employee can have a big impact on a small business.

Not only does their work suffer, but it can affect the work – and attitudes – of the people around them, too.

It’s important that you tackle any bad behaviour head-on, and quickly.

First, arrange a 121 with the employee. Find out why they are behaving this way and make sure you listen to what they have to say.

Next, create an action plan to get your employee back on track.

Set out your expectations and agree the steps they need to take to make improvements. Make a record of this.

If your employee still hasn’t made the necessary changes to their behaviour, you may consider taking disciplinary action.

This is when you need some expert HR advice to avoid mishandling the situation and risking claims of discrimination.

As usual, if we can help, please get in touch.