How Happy are your Team…

Staff Retention - How happy are your employees?

Does everyone skip into work or does everyone seem to move slower than a sloth?  Could you do more to motivate your team?  What are their motivators?  Maybe we can help…..

Employee engagement shouldn’t be something to stress about – we can take that off your plate.

Here are 3 benefits an engaged workforce has on your business:

1. Increased profits

Happy employees produce higher quality work, which means happier customers who are now even more likely to refer your company to others.

Top Tip – make regular check-ins with your team to make sure they know exactly what’s expected of them and to check they’re loving what they’re doing.

2. Fewer absences

If employees feel the work they do is valued and they are contributing towards the company’s goals they feel a higher sense of responsibility and are less likely to ‘pull a sickie’ as they actually look forward to coming to work!

Top Tip – Make sure your employees know the company’s goals and recognise them when they do a good job.

3. Employee loyalty

The more engaged in something you are, the more likely you’ll shout about it from the rooftops!  Engaged employees will be your company ambassadors – both in and out of the office.

Top Tip – the Net Promotor Score question in our free employee engagement survey is a great way to measure how loyal your employees feel towards your company.

If you want to take a temperature check to see where you are now with a view to improving in 6 or 12 months time give us a call and we can arrange your FREE employee engagement survey.  Together we can use the results to help build a more engaged workforce.