Bullying in the Workplace

A sad young woman stands in the foreground whilst two other women are laughing at her behind her back.

Allowing bullying to happen in any workplace is a big no, no. What do you do to prevent this happening and how do you resolve issues that arise?

There is no place for bullying in today’s society. Not only is it harmful to the victim in so many ways, there can also be serious repercussions for you and your business too.

Bullying in the workplace…

  • Puts your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment into question.
  • Can lead to disciplinary and grievance situations (which are stressful for everyone involved).
  • Creates a bad culture, which impacts your team’s morale and motivation.
  • Increases employee turnover and recruitment costs.
  • Ruins your company’s reputation and employee branding.

Allowing bullying to happen in your workplace is not an option. You must deal with it instantly and set the right culture to ensure it doesn’t happen.

That’s why we’ve created this new guide. It explains what bullying is, how it may come about in a business, and the things you can do to prevent it. It also details the process you should follow if you do receive a report of bullying.

Download your free copy here. If you want some support to assist in any incidents of bullying that occur give us a call today.