Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore….

Delegation: Why managers should delgate.

Let it go, let it go…. ok, ok…. you get the idea! One of the most common problems in the businesses we’ve worked in has been delegation. Or lack of it.

MD’s often say, “I haven’t got time to do that project” or “do I have to do everything around here”.

Delegating sounds easy and many managers do it without thinking (maybe sometimes too often!), but to really delegate successfully it takes a lot of trust, communication and cooperation.

Delegation is important because no one can, and no one should do everything themselves.

We once worked with a business owner who had 17 direct reports and he wondered why he never seemed to achieve anything and why no one else seemed to do anything.

The truth was he didn’t build up that trust so he felt no one else could do anything and therefore he wasn’t delegating anything which in the end burnt him out.

He wasn’t alone though, that’s often the story in small businesses where the MD has started out doing everything and hired around them but not built the trust, so they still end up doing everything.

The saying goes you ‘don’t keep a dog and bark yourself’ eh!

If you learn how to delegate and you do it well everyone on your team wins. So, what steps can you take to ensure everyone wins in your business?

Follow this IDEAL 6 step plan:

I – Introduce the task – explain what it is, what is required and identify the right person for the job

D – Demonstrate clearly what needs to be done – maybe show examples of previous work, explain the objectives of the work, discuss timeframes and deadlines. As long as the job is done, how someone gets there shouldn’t be a concern to you!

E – Ensure understanding – ask them to repeat what you’ve told them, ensure your communication has been clear and ask them to commit to the task required. Collaboratively determine the follow up method – i.e. don’t micromanage the project/task.

A – Allocate authority, information and resources – grant the individual authority to act and resolve. Provide access to any additional resources needed and where required provide training. Set them up to succeed!

L – Let go – be clear that they own the task, step back and let them work – trust them! Don’t allow reverse delegation with it coming back to you down the line.

S – Support and monitor – schedule follow up meetings, review progress, assist where required and avoid interference!

With the benefits of delegation for managers including reduced stress, improved time management and increased trust and the benefits for employees being professional knowledge and skill development, elevated self-esteem and confidence and a sense of achievement it really is a no brainer – get delegating today!

If you want to delegate your HR to someone you can trust, or you’d like some support getting your managers better at delegating give us a call today!