Benefits of an HR System

Does your HR Admin cause you stress?
Do you still use holiday charts?
A cupboard full of personnel files?
Paper sickness absence forms?

If you’re still doing things ‘the old way’, i.e. as stated above then you really need to read on. Our HR System can record, organise and make management of all the above easy!

Each employee has their own log on and managers have access to their teams for great visibility.

Finance can also have access to ensure they keep the financials correct too. The system is easy to use and secure for all your employee documents.

Teaming up as a Breathe Partner, our mission is to give you the resources to make data-driven decisions for your business.

Breathe HR transforms the way you do HR – automating those time consuming admin tasks and storing your people’s information in one place. For example you can:

Put all your people data in one place – centralise all your information in one location – keeping it organised and easy to access on the go.

Manage holiday requests – make managing leave requests easy with user self-service and a central calendar.

Increase performance – manage appraisals, give praise, set one-to-one meetings and objectives.

Manage sickness and absence – from monitoring sick leave to generating reports, managing absence is easy with our central calendar.

Improve communication channels – share company news and objectives and reward great performance with the Kudos function.

Manage documents – host your company and people documents securely in one central location.

Whilst doing all of the above, you can also save yourself a lot of time – time that you could be spending on either more interesting or more important tasks.

If you’re still doing things ‘the old way’, watch our video to find out more and contact us to arrange your no obligation (no payment details required), free trial – lets get you up to the 21st century!