At the Circus Again?

Are you juggling many different jobs in your business?

I’ve had many conversations this week with friends who are juggling – no, not because they’ve decided to join the circus but because they’re now once again trying to work, homeschool, run a home & balance theirs & their families wellbeing.

Some are coping & others aren’t & I have to say a lot of their ability to cope comes more often than not from the support their employers are giving them.

So if you currently employ staff that are juggling read my 5 top tips to help them whilst at the same time, ensuring they continue to commit to you in the future:

1. Be flexible – where possible offer leave &/or consider offering flexible hours

2. Focus on output not activity – don’t focus on how long someone is sat on their backside at their computer!

3. Communicate – tell people what’s happening, check in on them. Tell your team how they can reach you & promptly return calls & emails.

4. Set clear expectations & work priorities – will everyone be expected to work the same hours? Will the same projects & plans be moving forward? Don’t let people make assumptions-answer their questions.

5. Don’t pretend everything is normal – it isn’t & wont be for a while so support them as best you can.

If you need further advice please give me a call.