How Pay As You Go HR Works

You’ve probably got a one-off project – i.e. you need to ask people to return from furlough or you need to make redundancies and you don’t know where to start.  Or you may need someone to manage a disciplinary process (we can be the bad guys!), design and embed a recruitment process (we can spot talent a mile off!) or you may want someone to structure and hold your management team to account (we love a challenge!) but you don’t particularly want a regular, long term commitment.

This is a cost-effective solution offering a high level of flexibility to suit your requirements.

There are no long-term contracts, but you are reassured that you have up to date expertise and are working legally resolving your people queries as and when you need it.

1 - 2 Hours
£99Per Hour
3 - 4 Hours
£95Per Hour
5 - 6 Hours
£90Per Hour
7+ Hours
£85Per Hour

Hours can be bought in advance and banked until required to be used over 12 months.