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Read on to find our company news, top tips and HR advice for dealing with some difficult situations. For many businesses, these situations are all too common. If you find them useful, why not follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn? Or for tailored HR advice, get in touch with us.

Staff Retention - How to keep hold of your employees

Don’t leave me…..

It’s been a long few months and I’m sure it could still get tougher before it gets better and therefore now more than ever it is important that you keep hold of your best people. But how do you do that? ? You can’t give pay rises because sales are down. ? They have to…
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Performance Management: Poor performing staff can make you angry.

Managing Poor Performance

“ Born to be Wild…..” That is how the song goes, however all too often it seems to us some people are just born to be difficult.  We’ve all worked with them – people who show up late, gossip in the kitchen, never help others, never meet deadlines and often will leave early due to…
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Career Development in an SME

Career Development in an SME

“No benefits, no annual pay increase, and no hierarchical structure for you to progress into…’ Not really the punchiest line for you to use in your latest job advert!  However, it is often the reality when you’re recruiting into an SME.  So how else can you interest and attract high quality candidates – the candidates…
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Returning to work from lockdown

Business as usual…we wish!

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, you may be asking your teams to start returning to the workplace after a period of working from home or being on furlough. However, the return to the workplace is going to be very different to what you were used to.  You may only be working with half…
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Employee Dismissal - What's the correct dismissal process?

You’re fired!

  We’ve all seen the way the bad managers get rid of people from the business (they usually end up in the news!) and with the likes of Alan Sugar being blasé when firing being it’s not surprising people often get the dismissal process wrong. Official figures released yesterday (16th June 2020) show the number…
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Your Next Move - An interim HR Package

Your Next Move

We hope the last few weeks have gone ok and you are remaining positive and looking to the future brightly. Whilst none of us are currently aware exactly when the current social distancing rules and lockdown will be lifted, we do know that an announcement is imminent and they will be and therefore plans need…
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