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Read on to find our company news, top tips and HR advice for dealing with some difficult situations. For many businesses, these situations are all too common. If you find them useful, why not follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn? Or for tailored HR advice, get in touch with us.

Benefits of an HR System

Does your HR Admin cause you stress?Do you still use holiday charts?A cupboard full of personnel files?Paper sickness absence forms? If you’re still doing things ‘the old way’, i.e. as stated above then you really need to read on. Our HR System can record, organise and make management of all the above easy! Each employee…
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Healthy Team, Healthy Business

Did you know today (Thursday 7th April) is World Health Day? Each year there is a different theme and this years theme is Universal Health Coverage. In the UK, we know we’re lucky enough not to have to worry too much about the cost of healthcare but in other countries around the world, falling ill…
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Retention is better than cure

Over the past few weeks many of my clients have said they’re struggling to recruit. With unemployment at its lowest, the ongoing impact of brexit and the pandemic and the current uncertainties in the world attracting talent is even more challenging. With all these challenges affecting businesses, it is forcing employers to think more about…
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Employment Law Updates April 2022

I’m sure you’ve heard us going on before, but remember if you have employees, it is absolutely vital you stay on top of – and adhere to – all employment law regulations. But, I hear you ask, what does that actually mean? Simply put, employment law provides legislation on all of the areas that effect…
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The Pulse – April 2022

Your monthly HR newsletter for busy business owners Here’s another thing you can thank COVID for… No, we haven’t yet exhausted the array of problems the pandemic caused! We’re busy scribbling ‘Making our policies out of date’ to the bottom of the list at the moment. But along with the problems has actually come a…
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Staff Behaving Badly

Employees are the most valuable asset in your business, however sometimes their behaviour can cause you concern. If you have an employee displaying inappropriate behavior it can affect the whole workplace negatively. Including poor morale, lack of motivation, lower efficiency and lower profits. But how should you handle it? There’s not really a one size…
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The Pulse – March 2022

Your monthly HR Newsletter for busy, business owners How to improve your employees’ mental health and wellbeing at work – the essential checklist It’s safe to say that the past couple of years have had an impact on everyone. Whether it’s the sadness of not seeing friends and family throughout each lockdown, or the loneliness…
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The Pulse – February 2022

Your monthly HR Newsletter, for busy business owners What does LGBT+ History Month mean for your business? February is LGBT+ History Month. And, while you may not think this hugely relevant to your business, you might be surprised. I would hope that your business is one of the many in the UK that fully embraces…
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Staff Absence

Westfield Health carried out a study in 2021 and they found that absenteeism cost UK businesses £14 billion in 2020. This shows that the cost of absenteeism rose by £1.3 billion from the 2019 figures. In current times, it’s no surprise that the highest reported reasons are due to stress and mental health concerns. As…
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